Main points of writing diploma

To write a diploma, most professions need to study the contribution of other researchers to the problem in question. Simply put, you need to live in books and scientific journals (however, now much of the information can be obtained in electronic form, which somewhat reduces the height of the barricades from books and photocopies on the desk).

Besides, having got acquainted with the list of literature, the teacher can already at this stage render serious help: to advise still some important materials or to delete superfluous. The draft list of literature can be expanded

Following the specialty, the list of books includes from several dozens to several hundred titles. Usually everybody tell you go and use least of library catalogs in strick oder. But! I know how to help you make the process of finding literature for the diploma work a little bit easier. These will help to find materials that facilitate the writing of the diploma.

As a support, take a list of literature on the theme of your coursework (if they coincide on the issues with the diploma research, which often happens).  

Lifehack: foreign diplomas will supply you with lists of suitable literature (already choosed from the boiling knowledge ocean). This, perhaps, is the rare case that the banks of abstracts will be useful. The plus of this method is that you can find the names of suitable articles without burying in the filings of scientific journals. Pay special attention exept of the list of books (their students and graduate students like to pop everything more or less related to the topic, anymore), but on links. You will even have numbers on page in articles and monographs, from which you can get the right material.

Look at the lists of recommended literature on your topic in reference books, textbooks. As the topic of your work is usually narrow, it is unnecessary to count on a big catch, but some literature, especially of a general nature, can be found. At you, at least, the center of the bibliographic spiral will be formed, which can be open one by one.

All the same applies to articles, monographs on your topic. Again, pay a lot attention to references, since lists of literature, especially in books, are very extensive. In that and minus – bibliographies are multi-page, they have many books that you do not need.