The most common problems in scientsfic work

You shoveled a ton of scientific books, spent few weeks, or months to collect materials, day and night sitting over the theoretical part of your diploma. But you can’t end your diploma because you master sand back each time when seeing you. But why?

Mistake 1. Bad answering certain questions.  

One of the reasons is lack of material: the head turns out to be small, the volume has to be pulled and poured. The problem can be solved by collecting some more materials or correcting the topic. Another thing that may be strange of the need to bring up certain aspects of the topic under study. It is easier to deal with this problem since the teacher will indicate the mistake by returning the diploma for revision.

Mistake 2. Use of 2 – 3 scientific sources of information  

For a diploma, this is very little. Even if you learned the material from them, it needs to be more incomes of your information from 10 to 20 other sources.

Mistake 3. Abuse of quotes.

What is the difference between a diploma and a course essay? A high degree of independent reflection on the problem. If you just “stitch” pieces of other people’s texts, you do not get a diploma.  

By the way, this mistake is often made by students who are very interested in the topic.And want to put into the diploma as much information as they can on the theme. Do not do this

Mistake 4. Deviation from the main line.  

Oh, your first time started writing about the topic, then you got caught in some aspect of the problem and took the line to the side. This mistake you can see quite often in science-focused students who try to take everything and explain but you have too much information. How to solve a problem? Work out the structure of the thesis and rely on the plan, not allowing yourself to deviate from it.

Mistake 5. Lack of logic in the presentation.  

    First about one thing, then about another. This is the extreme version of error number 4. There is no general line at all. The theoretical chapter looks like a dump where valuable things meet, but the reigning chaos turns everything you put in the picture but you are not a painter!

I wrote all these mistakes in joes but try to believe me. These mistakes make almost every second student. Be calm and concentrate your attention on this